Why It’s Necessary To Stick To Your Diet For 6 Weeks

Why It’s Necessary To Stick To Your Diet For 6 Weeks

Patience is a Virtue

It’s tough to be patient… but good things take TIME. Watch or read as Dr. Jason Fechter explains why this commitment is necessary to see the best results. 

“Whenever a client comes over and wants to change their dietary habits, we always tell them to really be mindful of their body and give themself enough time. We try to tell everyone that if you can commit to it for 6 weeks, that’s going to be your best point to get the most results that you’re going to possibly see.”

The Rough Patch

“The first 30 days are kind of the “i hate you phase”. We’re not eating what we want to eat, we’re not sleeping very good, we have low energy… after those first 30 days, you’re going to start to feel a lot better, you’re sleeping, you have energy, you want to go move, you want to work out, you want to exercise… and then your clothes start to fit better, you start to lose that weight, and you start to feel really great.” 

Worth The Wait

“If you're looking to change your dietary habits, regardless of where you go (keto, whole 30, AIP, paleo), just give yourself some time. Those 6-8 weeks are when you’ll really start to change those dietary habits and see some lifestyle changes.”

Challenge Yourself in 2022

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