COVID-19 Customer Information

COVID-19 Customer Information

As the world wades through this crisis, I wanted to take a moment and let you know where we are as a company. We know Evolve is a large part of the lives of our clients, our staff, and vendors. We also know uncertainty only harbors fear and panic.

I have gotten lots of emails from lots of companies I do business with about what they are doing to make things safe, the extra steps they are taking. And honestly, we are already doing all those things. Cleaning everything, wiping contact and non-contact surfaces down, sanitizing, wearing gloves, washing hands often, sending staff home when sick. We already do all those things.

We are going to continue to do all those things that make our food safe. COVID 19 has not been shown to be transmitted through food. This puts us in a unique position of making healthy, convenient foods without directly interacting with the client for an extended period of time. We are already a take-out and delivery company and we are going to lean into that position. We are not planning on closing, as a small business we can't afford to close, our employees cannot afford to not work, and lots of people count on us.

We are going to continue to be safe, we are going to continue to wash our hands often. We are going to take one day at a time and monitor the situation. This situation puts the world in a great position to show humanity, compassion and teamwork. So while the health and well-being of Evolve is paramount, nothing exceeds the health and well-being of our valued employees, our amazing clients and neighbors. Take this opportunity to reach out to someone you love, make a phone call, check on those you care about and those you know may be hurting. Together we will get through this.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Caleb's cell is (913) 940-7478.

In Good Health,

Dr. Jason and Chef Caleb

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