Will the Keto Diet Help Me Live Longer?

Will the Keto Diet Help Me Live Longer?

Keto is already associated with a long list of health benefits like weight loss, better sleep, more energy and improved focus. It would come as no surprise if scientists formally announced that Keto can improve life expectancy, too. And, in fact, they’re studying it! If you’re on the fence about Keto, the findings below will make you want to give it a try. 

New Studies Yield Interesting Insights

Two recent studies reveal that Keto has the potential to extend a person’s lifespan. In both experiments, scientists fed two groups of mice different ratios of fat to carbs. The control group received 13-17% of their daily calories from fat, with the rest coming from carbs. The other group was fed a Keto diet, which involved 70-90% of calories from fat and very little from carbs.

Researchers consistently found that mice on the Keto diet lived longer, scored higher on cognitive tests and retained motor functions well into old age. Despite these promising results, it’s worth noting that researchers have yet to conduct similar studies on humans. However, many predict future human studies will yield the same conclusions.

Burning Fat as a Cleaner Source of Energy

Fat is a more efficient fuel source. That’s because the body isn’t designed to hold lots of glycogen (the stored version of glucose). 

The liver is the primary storage facility, which can only hold less than a day’s worth of glycogen. In order to keep up with energy demands, you need to refuel the body’s glycogen stores every few hours. Plus, high-carb diets increase fat stores that the body doesn’t know how to access. This leads to obesity and a host of chronic health problems.

By comparison, the body has almost unlimited storage capacity for fat. Unlike glucose, there’s always fat available. Bodies that have grown accustomed to burning fat for energy are capable of accessing fat stores instead of relying on a constant intake of carbs. Fat burning makes the body self-sufficient, allowing you to feel full for longer and stay mentally sharp.

Biohacking Your Body is the Key to Living Longer

Biohacking trends are quickly gaining traction, exploring how people can live longer outside the boundaries of conventional medicine. Biohacking is when individuals use alternative practices to rewire the inner workings of their bodies. The goal of biohacking is to extend your lifespan and optimize the function of vital organs. 

Keto is considered a form of biohacking because it trains the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs. As a result, Keto dieters often report feeling more energized and sleeping better than before. While many forms of biohacking are in their infancy, the Keto diet is well on its way to unlocking the secret to a longer, healthier life—it’s been studied for decades!

Is the Fountain of Youth in Your Fridge?

There’s no arguing that what you eat plays a significant role in your general health and wellness. If there’s a way to extend a person’s lifespan, diet is a big part of the answer. Biohacking with Keto allows your body to tap into its ancestral instincts of burning fat to survive. Keto is cleaner and more efficient, making it the obvious choice over carbs. As a result, it might just help you live longer!

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