7.5 Tips for Gluten Free Baking

7.5 Tips for Gluten Free Baking

 Gluten free baking can be a tricky wicket. There is a lot in baking that gluten does for us. It quite literally glues things together. It traps air inside bread. It provides structure moisture and mouthfeel.

That doesn’t mean that GF baking is not possible; in fact, it is very possible. But it requires some adjustments and to pretend it doesn't is just setting yourself up for failure. Here are my top tips to make your GF baking the best it can be!

7.5 Quick Tips for Gluten Free Baking

1)  Practice makes perfect, but be okay with less than perfection. Gluten-free cooking is relatively new. Making bread from almonds or rice is not something we have been doing for centuries. Thus, there are far fewer perfected methods of doing things.

2)  Some alternative flours have a distinct taste. Try adding a touch more vanilla to mask the taste at first.

3)  Most gluten free breads need to be treated like quick breads. First, combine the wet. Separately combine the dry. Then combine all of it, and quickly (hence the name) get in the oven.

4)  Gluten = structure. GF baking does not have that. Therefore, kneading does no good, except to overmix. Avoid kneading - it doesn’t KNEAD it!

5)  GF baked goods tend to get soggy. Remove them from the pan to dry. If you need to keep it more than a few days, utilize your freezer.

6)  Not all ingredients are consistent across brands. Be sure to use the same brands for each different kind of ingredient. There can be a large difference in how each brand acts. When you find one you like, stick with it!

7)  When your GF baking doesn't turn out, don’t fret. Put it all in the food processor, add melted butter and press into a pie pan. Then add any filling. It will be delicious.

7.5)  If all else fails, find a gluten free bakery and transfer to your own pan.


There you have it. Happy GF baking.
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