The Absolute Best Garlic Ranch Recipe!

The Absolute Best Garlic Ranch Recipe!

 The Absolute BEST Garlic Ranch Recipe 

We've decided to share our secret recipe with you all so that you can make this awesome Garlic Ranch at home for your family and friends. You can find the recipe for our Garlic Ranch Below.

What you'll need: 

12 ounces Mayo

2 grams Garlic Powder

2 grams Onion Powder

2 grams Chives,

dry 2 oz Green Onions, chopped

0.25 oz Parsley, fresh

2 gram Dill, dry

0.125 tsp Lactic Acid

4.5 oz Water

5 grams Salt

2 grams Pepper

12 grams Lemon Juice

68 grams Roasted Garlic


 To roast the garlic:

Take 2 peeled bulbs garlic and toss with olive oil, Salt & Pepper.

Put them in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes to make your roasted garlic. 


Mince the roasted garlic

Add minced garlic to mayo. Also, add chives, green onions, salt, pepper, garlic, and onion, fresh parsley, dill, lemon juice, and we add in lactic acid since we don't use dairy. It brings in that tang that buttermilk would bring in.

*Dill is the major ingredient in ranch that makes it taste like ranch. So don't shy away from this one! 

Mix all ingredients, and that's it! You have made


*Your garlic ranch will taste delicious right away, but it will taste even better after a night in the fridge for all those flavors to come out. 

*You can make lots of different varieties of ranch using this same recipe! Simply take out the garlic and add the ingredient of your choice. You can add buffalo sauce to make buffalo ranch, or you can add Cajun seasoning to make Cajun ranch for some examples. 


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