"Healthy is Sharing Your Popcorn" A Poem by Chef Caleb

"Healthy is Sharing Your Popcorn" A Poem by Chef Caleb

Healthy is Sharing your Popcorn

A Poem By Chef Caleb

We get asked a lot of questions about the term "Health" here at Evolve. While we believe there are many ways to live "Healthy", here are some Holistic Health concepts by our owner Chef Caleb.  

"Healthy is:

Only taking what you will eat. Sharing the rest.

Having equal shots of alcohol to courses in a meal. No meal? No shot.

Getting out of the house everyday.

Sharing the popcorn at the theatres.

Not ripping off the handicap parking space because its closer.

Going to the park with your kids in lieu of giving them a phone for games (at least one night a week).

Eating lots of different colors of food.

Eating when you are hungry and not when you are bored, scared, lonely, depressed or hating your coworkers…

Drinking coffee in the morning and tea at night.

Not merging on the interstate at 35mph.


Healthy is not:

Skipping all dessert.

Eating only beige colored foods.

Chicken breast and broccoli everyday.

Going to the gym and only sitting in the sauna.

Going by 24-hour Mexican drive through on your way to breakfast.

Running out the door to work before you have had a moment to yourself.

All you can eat buffet.

Eating while you should be sleeping.

Working while you should be sleeping.

Not taking a vacation."


Put Chef Caleb's words into practice in your daily life for a boost in Holistic Health!

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