Movement Tips for the Winter Months

Movement Tips for the Winter Months

Winter is a beautiful time of year if you live in an area that gets plenty of snow. There’s nothing like waking up to a fresh snowfall and the stillness and serenity that come with it. Unfortunately, that also means you need to contend with snow, ice and freezing-cold temperatures when it comes time to exercise.  

Getting up and moving regularly can feel like a chore in the winter—even if you enjoy your routine. It’s harder to get the blood pumping and your joints warmed up when you’re chilled to the bone! Here are a few tips to help you get moving this winter:

  • Go shovel that snow! Snow shoveling isn’t just a great workout for your whole body, it’s also useful. You’ll clear your walkway for the mailman while getting your heart pumping. Keep the snowblower in the garage and pick up a shovel to get your movement minutes in for the day.
  • Don’t neglect warm-up exercises during the winter. It’ll be harder for your body to get into the swing of things and you’ll risk injury if you jump into a strenuous exercise “cold.” Do some stretches, spend a few minutes walking on the treadmill or do a warm-up set if you’re lifting. 
  • Move more often to keep your body warm and your blood flowing. Walk around indoors as much as possible, no matter how tempted you might be to crawl under that blanket and hibernate! You’ll find that your body is more responsive when you keep it moving, and that you get more done around the house!
  • Get yourself an accountability buddy! On those days when you really just don’t feel like going to the gym, your buddy will park in your driveway and honk the horn until you get dressed and get out there. Likewise, being someone else’s accountability buddy will give you a reason to get up and get moving.
  • Have a hot beverage handy to warm yourself from the inside out. Sipping on a natural tea or even a warm cup of lemon water has the dual benefit of not only putting some warmth in your belly, it’ll also curb cravings. It’s a lot easier to move around when you’re warm at your core. 
  • Stretch often to keep yourself limber during the winter. Stretch your arms while seated, stand and stretch your legs, and don’t be afraid to use the floor or a wall to stretch out your core and back. You won’t feel so frozen and stiff when you shake it all out and restore blood flow to your joints.
  • Build mini exercise routines into your day to keep yourself moving all the time. 10 body squats at the top of every hour. 20 jumping jacks every time you stand up to get something. 15 crunches after every episode of a binge-watch session. When it’s part of your routine, movement becomes automatic. 

Winter isn’t exactly the most motivating season. No one likes to be cold or exercise when they feel stiff and frail. Use these tips to keep your blood pumping and your motivation to exercise high throughout the season. Spring will be here before you know it, and you won’t have the winter weight to worry about when it does!

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