Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce Recipe

Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce Recipe


Dairy Free Cheese Sauce!

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1 lb Cashews

1.11 qt Nutritional Yeast

0.33 Cup Garlic Powder

0.33 Cup Onion Powder

0.33 Cup Salt

0.39 Cup Black Pepper

0.33 Cup Oregano, dried

0.33 Cup Basil, dried

0.33 Cup Parsley, dried

0.33 Cup Lemon Juice

2.67 Cup Tahini

1 qt Olive Oil

1 qt Almond Milk

0.22 gal Boiling Water



1. Soak cashews in boiling water for at least 4 hours. Drain water and reserve

2. Add remaining ingredients and blend mix until silky smooth, adding reserved water, if necessary, to achieve desired consistency


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