Chef Caleb Debunks 3 Keto Myths

Chef Caleb Debunks 3 Keto Myths

With the keto diet being so popular, there tends to be misconceptions that get associated with this lifestyle. Watch or read as Co-owner and Executive Chef Caleb Fechter debunks three keto myths!

Myth #1: It’s too difficult.

“Not true. If you can meal prep for anything, you can meal prep for keto. There are tons of resources out there. Better yet, get someone to do it for you!” says Chef Caleb.

Myth #2: There’s no variety.

“Also not true! Unlike other diets, there are no “yes no” lists on the keto diet. You can eat anything on this diet as long as it fits into your macros,” says Caleb.

Myth #3: I will be hungry.

“I can personally attest to this: not true. I was on keto for 6 months; I lost 25 pounds and rarely did I feel hungry,” says Caleb.

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