3 Benefits of the Keto Diet

3 Benefits of the Keto Diet

Word of the day: KETO. This diet changes the way our bodies derive energy from the food we eat and turns them into a fat-burning machine! But besides the detail, “high-fat, low-carb”, what else do we know about the keto diet? Let’s dive into 3 facts of this lifestyle you may not know:

Keto Was Not Invented For Fat Loss

This lifestyle has been around for over 100 years, however not invented for fat loss! The Keto Diet was originally used to treat epilepsy, and it wasn’t until the 1960’s that we learned it’s great for fat loss. 

Today, keto is a popular diet throughout the world. More than that, it’s become a lifestyle for those who want to live longer, healthier, more rewarding lives. What started as a treatment for epileptics has become a way to biohack your body into burning a more effective energy source: one that leaves you looking slimmer, thinking clearer and feeling better. 

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You Can Still Workout On Keto

Keto is great for cardio workouts that build long-term endurance. After getting over the “keto flu,” your body becomes used to burning fat as its primary energy source. The best cardio workouts on a Keto Diet are ones that slowly burn energy over a long period of time. Try Keto-friendly activities like hiking, biking and rowing.

“A lot of people say you can't work out on keto. On keto, you have almost unlimited fat storage and it supports aerobic workout. You can go all day!” said Executive Chef Caleb.

Above all else, always listen to your body. If you’re sore days after a strength workout, you might consider trying less strenuous exercises. If you struggle to power through a HIIT session, switch to a low intensity form of cardio. Experiment until you find the perfect fit for your Keto lifestyle.

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You Get To Eat Less Often

Not only is the keto diet great for fat loss, it’s also great for reducing your appetite. You’re eating dense foods which keep you fuller longer, especially after being well into ketosis. 

“Nothing is more annoying than eating five times a day. With keto, you’d be eating dense food and you can probably get that down to two meals a day. I did!” said Chef Caleb.

Let Evolve Make Keto Easy

Does the keto diet sound like a good fit for you? Join us for our 6-week Keto Challenge beginning January 3rd, 2022! For the duration of the challenge, you’ll receive daily prepared meals with all of your macros dialed in. All of your guesswork is finally off the table! We don’t just take care of the food, we also provide you with daily tips and education to make the most of your keto journey.

You’ve got this! We are here to help you on your keto journey. We can help you build long-term success through our daily educational blogs and community support.

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